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Category: A cat called password.

NSA helped Microsoft with Windows 7 security

19 November, 2009 (16:05) | A cat called password. | By: Blogkeep

The NSA has been working with Microsoft to improve the security of Windows 7. There has been partnership between the NSA and Microsoft before. In 2007 NSA worked with Microsoft during the development of Windows Vista. They have cooperated as far back as at least 2005, when the NSA and other government agencies worked with […]

T-Mobile staff sold personal data

17 November, 2009 (19:05) | A cat called password. | By: Blogkeep

One of my concerns with respect to the storage of personal data on computer systems is the integrity of the custodians of that data. Although computer systems may never be made 100% secure, one can illicit some level of trust in the underlying hardware and software with regard to hackers and compromise from external sources. […]

Verisign to implement DNSSEC in 2011

17 November, 2009 (08:39) | A cat called password. | By: Blogkeep

Inherent insecurities with the Domain Name System which allow false values that can misdirect users to malicious sites are to be fixed by the early part of 2011. Verisign a respected provider of SSL certificates and Domain Name services plan to introduce DNSSEC, a protocol that will guarantee the origin and integrity of DNS data. […]

My face, my space, my data

21 October, 2009 (01:35) | A cat called password. | By: Blogkeep

Think about the personal details you expose when sharing your life on social networking sites such as MySpace, FaceBook and Bebo to name but a few. The information you divulge may seem innocent; the name of your pets and children, the ages of your children. Your favorite musician, band, film star. Pictures of your car […]