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Month: August, 2011

SEO Spam

26 August, 2011 (10:54) | Propergander. | By: Blogkeep

It seems my site has been noticed by commercial entities wishing to sell me their SEO products (I guess that’s what they were, I didn’t click the contained links). Well, I don’t allow posts without first checking them out, so please do not waste your time. In addition to such posts being deleted without ever […]

Site updates

2 August, 2011 (18:01) | Propergander. | By: Blogkeep

Like buttons have been added for posts and a follow button has been added for Twitter. I have also added a couple of advertisements. I so despise loud flashy animated ads so these are subtle and unobtrusive. Any advertisements that are here on propergander are for products that I use or have used in the […]

Facial recognition identifies your social security number

2 August, 2011 (16:19) | A cat called password. | By: Blogkeep

Here’s an interesting article I came across on New Scientist: facial-recognition-identifies There was an old wartime saying that “careless talk costs lives”. Perhaps there should be a new saying for the social networking age something along the lines of “careless postings cost identities”. The Internet is a vast searchable database of personal information, be careful […]

PDF to JPG Automation

1 August, 2011 (12:18) | LAMP | By: Blogkeep

I need to download a PDF document and convert each page to a jpg and upload the results to a web server on a regular basis. I thought I would automate the task and share my code. This is a quick and dirty method (very quick and very dirty). There is no sanity checking and […]