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Not so smooth WordPress update

23 June, 2011 (10:05) | Propergander. | By: Blogkeep

I made a stupid error updating WordPress to 3.1.3. I deleted my theme and had to restore from back up.

Something very strange happened though, when I brought the site back up the blog did not work. Clicking on the link to the blog made my browser attempt to connect to the IP of a Verizon address pool! Instead of, all the WordPress links were pointing to this address. Confused, I checked the source code for the site and discovered that this address was coming from the WordPress database. After further investigation I discovered that somehow the content of the WordPress database table wp_options had changed during my update. I quickly did some manual SQL updates on this table and corrected the option_values for a couple of records, namely option_id=1 and option_id=39.

All is fine now, but I am completely at a loss as to how this address got into my WordPress tables.

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