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Driver problems shared printers Win7 to XP

22 September, 2011 (12:46) | Diagnosis, Prognosis, Treatment. | By: Blogkeep

Trying to share a Canon IP3600 from a Windows 7 PC to a Windows XP PC over Ethernet I found that the XP PC would not install the drivers for the shared printer. XP claiming that a suitable driver could not be found. It seems the issue was with the way the printer was named. In Windows 7 Devices and printers the printer name was “Canon Inkjet iP3600” whilst in the .inf file for the Windows XP driver the printer was called “Canon iP3600 series” as below.

"Canon" = Canon,NTx86.5.1,NTx86.6.0
; Model sections.
; Each section here corresponds with an entry listed in the
; [Manufacturer] section, above. The models will be displayed in the order
; that they appear in the INF file.
"Canon iP3600 series" = CNM_0333XP, LPTENUM\CanoniP3600_seriesEABF, CanoniP3600_series
"Canon iP3600 series" = CNM_0333XP, USBPRINT\CanoniP3600_seriesEABF, CanoniP3600_series

So Windows XP when connecting to the Windows 7 share for this printer was actually looking for a “Canon inkjet iP3600 series” as named in Windows 7, driver. As the printer name in the Windows XP driver .inf file is “Canon iP3600 series” Windows XP presumed that this was not the correct driver.

A simple edit of the Windows XP driver .inf file changing the name from “Canon iP3600 series” to “Canon inkjet iP3600 series” fixed the problem and I was able to install the driver and thus connect to the shared printer. This information probably applies to other printers where the name of the printer displayed in the Windows 7 devices and printer settings differs from the name present in the driver .inf file for the Windows XP driver.

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