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Big Time Charlie Potatoes

8 October, 2011 (23:34) | Propergander. | By: Blogkeep

Some 15 or so years ago I used to regularly watch bands at the Castle on Oldham street Manchester. Bands such as Pagans Chemistry Set, The Hot Bananas and Charlie Potatoes amongst others. All that I have from that time are wonderful memories and some tunes.

Here are some of Charlie Potatoes tunes.

“The recording and performance quality is generally pretty poor by professional standards, but I believe they are mostly all good or great songs. Maybe one day a real band will record some of Charlie’s stuff properly and make him a happy man.” – Naughty Nathan: Naughty Nathans Charlie page

Big Time Charlie are
Naughty Nathan – Bass guitar
Johnny Smokes – Drums and backing vocals
Charlie Potatoes – Rhythm/lead guitar and vocals


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All music and lyrics are copyright W. J. Cooke 2000/2008.

If anyone reading this has recordings of The Hot Bananas, Pagans Chemistry set or indeed any bands that played the Castle on Oldham street Manchester in the mid to late ’90’s please drop me a line.


Comment from charlie
Time May 20, 2012 at 3:31 am

nice one Dave just read ya doodaa to nathan about me not gettin back to ya Naughty was right about the ludite , if that means a cunt shit wiv computers, then bang on the nail, nice one for givin us a mention on ya site, and of course you can play last temp , my lawyer will arrange fees to be paid which will be backdated, or u can pay a 1 off fee of shitloads of narcotics,and one portion of chips n egg. Rock on, love charlie.

Comment from Lorna Egan
Time June 29, 2012 at 4:40 pm

Hiya I organised a big charity event in 1994 Pagan’s were one of the bands involved I’m trying to contact all the bands so if you can help please contact me:
many thanx Lorna

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