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NSA helped Microsoft with Windows 7 security

19 November, 2009 (16:05) | A cat called password. | By: Blogkeep

The NSA has been working with Microsoft to improve the security of Windows 7. There has been partnership between the NSA and Microsoft before. In 2007 NSA worked with Microsoft during the development of Windows Vista. They have cooperated as far back as at least 2005, when the NSA and other government agencies worked with Microsoft on its Windows XP system.

“Working in partnership with Microsoft and elements of the DoD, NSA leveraged our unique expertise and operational knowledge of system threats to enhance Microsoft’s operating system security guide without constraining the user’s ability to perform their everyday tasks…”

The text of Richard Schaeffer’s testimony is available here. Richard Schaeffer is the NSA’s Information Assurance Director.

Good job I am not paranoid else I might think that NSA has a skeleton key for BitLocker.

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