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Malicious iPhone worm

23 November, 2009 (12:09) | A cat called password. | By: Blogkeep

Jail broken iPhones that use the default ssh password are vulnerable to a new worm. The worm has the potential to access your private information, steal your SMS history and contact servers for the download of additional malware. The worm propagates by scanning various IP ranges including those of telco’s that provide the iPhone. Only iPhones that have been jail broken, have ssh enabled and have the default ssh password set by the jail breaking software are vulnerable. The worm identifies such handsets and installs itself via ssh. Non jail broken iPhones are not vulnerable. Should you have a Jail broken iPhone, there are guides available on line that will guide you through the setting of another ssh password or disabling it altogether. Alternatively you can reset the iPhone, although this means your iPhone is no longer jail broken.

Source: XS4all

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